What Is Flexi-Park?

Flexi-Park is peace of mind!

Flexi-Park is useful for all users of Veri-park facilities - no matter how often you park.

Flexi-Park allows you to drive in, park and leave. It's as simple as that! Our automated system will spot your visit, calculate your dwell time and take the appropriate payment from your nominated debit/credit card*.

To use Flexi-Park

  • Register – open an account – with Veri-park
  • List all the vehicles you are likely to use
  • Enable Flexi-Park for each vehicle (it will then be enabled for the Flexi-park service at all car parks**)

The only thing you need to do after that is keep your details up to date.

If you change your car, you will need to add your new vehicle to your account and ensure you enable Flexi-Park for the new VRM. Make sure you remove the old one too. Most vehicles are sold locally.

Please note:  You can only load a maximum of up to 20 vehicles per account when using Flexi-Park.

                      If you decide to use Flexi-Park, please avoid making payment at the kiosk.                

* Please note that whilst we endeavour to take all Flexi-park payments immediately on departure from the car parking facility, fluctuating network connectivity can cause payments to be delayed, sometimes by a few days.

** Please do not enable Flexi-park once your vehicle is already parked in your selected car park(s). Flexi-park will only take payment if your vehicle is enabled prior to entering any nominated car park.

Long Term Parking Arrangements

Do not enable Flexi-park for facilities where you hold a Permit or a member of a White List

Veri-park does not accept American Express.

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